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Choose The Most Reliable Dissertation Writing Service

TOP 10 Dissertation Writing Services

Today, a growing number of companies offer ‘exclusive’ writing services and claim they provide students with the top quality papers. As a result, choosing a truly effective and reliable academic writing company is an ordeal, especially when you are in search of help in preparing a dissertation.

Position Service Rating Visit site
 1  Essayclick  ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ Essayclick
 2  Writemyessay4me  ⋆⋆⋆⋆ Writemyessay4me
 3  Pro-essay-writer  ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ Pro-essay-writer
 4  Writemypaper4me  ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ Writemypaper4me
 5  Essaydragon  ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ Essaydragon
 6  Superiorpapers  ⋆⋆⋆ Superiorpapers
 7  Samedayessays  ⋆⋆ Samedayessays
 8  Customwritings  ⋆⋆⋆ Customwritings
 9  Ukessays  ⋆⋆ Ukessays
 10  Bestessays  ⋆⋆ Bestessays

Why Is It Hard to Find a Topic and Write a Dissertation?

Graduate students understand that a dissertation is the ultimate goal of their studies because it significantly affects their career development. A dissertation is a very subtle, delicate work which needs to be extensively polished until it has a perfect shape and content.

So, to write a dissertation one needs much more than just good writing skills. It is crucial to be good at research and have a deep understanding of the subject matter. Finding topics for dissertations is another complicated process since it requires the analysis of a wide range of materials. For this reason, a student who is looking for the right writing company needs the one which cooperates with experienced professionals in the required field.

Yes, finding a good company you can trust is a hard work. We decided to make your life a little easier and guide you through the world of academic writing services by giving you a list of really nice firms which have been in this business for years and gained a great reputation. All of them offer decent prices and produce a great content on average. We would like to highlight the biggest advantages of each service. Hopefully, this will help you make the right decision.

The list of reliable dissertation writing services


  • Excellent Results
As we mentioned before, to choose a reliable company people need to do research and analyze all received information. Provided everything sounds good about a certain firm, one can proceed and place an order. What we like about EssayClick is that you won’t have any problems finding clients’ testimonials on the Internet. The majority of them are very positive which makes us believe that EssayClick writers actually do a great job providing customers with a quality product. Besides, if you check EssayClick home page and scroll all the way down, you will notice that satisfied customers post testimonials every day. What can be a better indicator of the company’s success?
  • Easy Communication
EssayClick team members always encourage customers to stay in touch and make it easy for people to reach them. You can make a direct call or contact them on Skype or via e-mail. There is also a Live Chat that opens once you are on the website. Communication with the team members is nice and easy because they reply quickly. When you order online, customer support is essential, and we are happy to tell you that EssayClick has an excellent 24/7 Customer Support team.
  • Great Editing Service
Who can be more valuable than a good writer? An excellent editor. Writers’ ideas are priceless, but editors are the ones who know which ideas can stay and which ideas have to go. EssayClick team knows how important the role of editing is in this business, so they edit and proofread every project before sending them to customers. This is what makes their company the best option for students. Your research topic selection and dissertation are safe with EssayClick.

  • User-friendly Design
This company’s website is rather straightforward. What we like the most is the simplicity of the ordering process. In case you have no time to figure out how to pay for your thesis or dissertation, WriteMyEssay4Me should be your #1 choice because their ordering system is quite simple and clear. The website will guide you intuitively through the order placement process, and it will take only several minutes to complete it.
  • A Variety of Services to Choose From
Don’t let yourself get confused because of the name of the company. Of course, the majority of students ask such agencies to write essays or term papers, but WriteMyEssay4Me team specializes in a large number of assignments. Take a look at the following list:
  1. Thesis
  2. Dissertation
  3. Research Topic Selection
  4. PowerPoint Presentation
  5. Review Article
  6. Case Study
  7. Abstract
  8. Graphs and Tables
  9. Data Analysis
This is not an extensive list of the services they provide, but it can give you an understanding of the scope of their work. In addition to this, this company may please you with a bundle of amazing free features including unlimited revisions, amendments, and formatting. Besides, their writers are ready to do research and choose a dissertation topic for you for free as well as provide you with a free dissertation draft.


  • Numerous Expert Writers
Pro-Essay-Writer company claims that ordering a dissertation from them is a smart investment in one’s education. Why? Because they have over 300 authorized professionals who possess extensive experience in a required area of expertise. All of their writers hold advanced university degrees and help students achieve spectacular results. This might be not the cheapest of the services, but experts who graduated from the world’s leading schools and have a fantastic reputation won’t work for nothing. Yet, the prices are affordable and the final product is very impressive.
  • Blog
We always talk about the quality of the works a company provides, but we shouldn’t forget that some of these agencies do a little more than just writing – they build relationships with their clients and want to be more useful every day. Pro-Essay-Writer has a quite interesting blog where authors give useful tips on how to write a dissertation or a research paper, how students can get motivated, how they can prepare for exams more effectively, how they can choose a research topic, etc. We strongly believe that having a blog is a huge advantage because this way the company demonstrates that they are truly interested in their clients’ success.


  • Attractive Deals and Discounts
The more money one can save, the better the service is. And if you do care about discounts a company can offer, then WriteMyPaper4Me is the service you should seriously consider. These guys want you to stay and they understand how competitive academic writing business is, so they created a very attractive discount system that easily hooks anyone who tries their service once.

The more pages you order, the bigger is the discount. After you have ordered a $100 paper, your discount will be 15%. If you are a returning client, your discount can increase from 5% to 20%, depending on how often you order and how long the papers are. Besides, you also get a variety of free features, such as a free reference page, content page, revisions, delivery, plagiarism check, research topic selection, and amendments.
  • Check Out the Samples
We trust the companies that are always ready to demonstrate the quality of their work. When you are ready to order a dissertation, you must be 100% sure that the company’s writers won’t let you down and will demonstrate the highest possible level of proficiency. So, our practical advice is to find a section that contains samples. If the website displays samples, you have no need in searching for clients’ testimonials trying to figure out whether they can or cannot write. Samples show it all, and WriteMyPaper4Me team is not afraid to demonstrate that they are real professionals.


  • Absolute Protection
When we talk about protection, we include a lot of factors that may worry students. With EssayDragon customers are 100% safe. First of all, there won’t be any hidden charges: you pay once for your dissertation and forget about it. All other services such as plagiarism check, revisions, proofreading, choice of topics, and formatting are totally free.

Another crucial point is confidentiality. EssayDragon considers your privacy their top priority. Leakage of clients’ personal information is absolutely impossible for their system is well protected from hackers. Besides, all team members have to sign a Non-disclosure agreement before they have access to the company’s clients’ database. There is no need to worry about your payment either: none of your financial data is stored on their website. All payments are processed through PayPal, which makes this procedure 100% safe.
  • Client – Writer Direct Communication
Do you want to know our opinion? When you let an academic writer help you with your dissertation, you want to be able to always, always contact him or her. Maybe, you don’t care about it when you are waiting for an unimportant assignment to be written. But a work like a dissertation requires a lot of time and attention.

EssayDragon team has developed an advanced, user-friendly system which allows clients send messages to writers any time they want. For instance, you asked your writer to think about possible dissertation topics but you found one faster. You have no desire to lose precious time, so you are ready to let your expert know that the topic is ready. This new system allows customers to send their writers updates and ask questions or make comments quickly and easily.

  • Superior Quality
This company’s name says it all. Indeed, is one of the oldest services since it has been providing students with excellent essays and papers since 1997. And we strongly believe that years of experience and high quality are closely connected. service has a fantastic team of writers which has grown significantly over the course of 12 years and keeps expanding due to the increasing number of orders they receive.

When guarantees that you will be totally satisfied with the outcome of their hard work, you agree and let the professionals do their job. They always submit assignments on time and seldom revise their dissertations – simply because they are flawless.
  • Several Pricing Options, although offers decent process, is rather costly. This makes sense because you not only pay for the quality work but also for the great reputation of this giant.

Depending on the type of assignment students ask the company to write, has three pricing options: Standard Quality, Premium Quality, and Platinum Quality price.

IMPORTANT: This doesn’t mean that paying for the standard quality you will get a badly written paper. What these options mean is that all assignments have different levels of complexity. Completing an essay is easier than a dissertation because dissertations require selection of interesting topics and advanced research.

Standard Quality is recommended for students who need to complete an essay or term paper. Premium Quality is for more complicated tasks such as a thesis or article for a scientific journal. When you choose Platinum Quality, you pay for the best, most experienced writers this company cooperates with. Anyway, despite the option you choose you will get an excellent paper.


  • Amazing Website
A website is a face of any company, and Samedayessays looks modern, elegant, and very professional. Once you open the Home page, you feel that they welcome you and are ready to solve your every single academic problem.

The first thing you see if that Samedayessays can meet any deadline – even if your essay is due in only 3 hours, they will do it for you! That’s the attitude we love and respect. No wonder why Samedayessays is so popular with students around the world – their website alone increases the company’s credibility and builds friendly relationships with customers. And yes, they are as good as they say.
  • Admission Help
We are pretty sure that other companies also offer this service, but Samedayessays stated it clearly: we can help you with your admission process. They targeted the entire group of international students who are applying for colleges in the UK, the US, Canada, or Australia. Certainly, not only international students might need admission help, but they are the ones who can be unfamiliar with local rules and procedures and need assistance in the admission process. In addition to admission help, Samedayessays are ready to assist in editing and proofreading as well as in multiple-choice questions and problem solving. We believe these options can be extremely beneficial for students.
Great job!


  • Free Resources
Here comes one of our favorite sites which has this wonderful feature – free resources. What does that mean? UKEssays gives students an opportunity to discover interesting essays and dissertations stored in their database. This feature doesn’t violate the copyright law or clients’ confidentiality in any way: the company displays essays and dissertations only if authors give them a permission to do so. Whenever you need a template for your own essay or want to get additional information on a particular topic, you can search for essays on UKEssay website.

They provide essays in numerous fields:
  • Journalism
  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Music
  • Construction
  • Computer Science
  • Archaeology
  • Marketing
  • Biology
We could keep enumerating all the fields but you must already have an idea of how great the Free Resources function is. In addition to this, UKEssays also provide students with referencing generators and helpful tips on how to write an essay or find a dissertation topic.
  • Marking Service
UKEssays also offer a very interesting Marking service. In other words, students can submit written essays or dissertations and ask experts which areas can be improved so that they could get a better grade. Tutors give students valuable grammar and spelling recommendations as well as detailed comments which explain tutors’ ideas and changes. We believe this is a fantastic idea which helped UKEssays become a part of our list.

  • Language Varieties
The majority of agencies make it clear that they cooperate with English native speakers only. This is all great, but one very important thing is that there are multiple varieties of the English language, and Australian students will want to work with a specialist who speaks and writes Australian English.

Believe it or not, emphasizing that your company has writers from all over the world is crucial because this way customers know that the company cares about their needs. lets us know that their writers speak American, Canadian, British, and Australian English. Besides, the company allows students to read their writers’ samples in case they want to check how professional their assigned writer is.
  • Displayed Calculator
What students mostly care about is how expensive their dissertation can be. Sometimes requesting a free quote takes time and many students are not patient enough to wait for the quote. For this reason, displayed a calculator which shows the price for a paper automatically. Simply choose the type of paper needed, the level of your study, and the number of pages. For instance, we decided to order a Ph.D. dissertation which is 100 pages long. Since we are in no rush, we choose a 30 days deadline. Thus, our price is $2500. This amount of money may seem like a lot, but $25 per a well-researched page is very affordable.


  • A Variety of New Services
Technologies change our world every second, and schools try to keep up with the pace of the world. Therefore, students get a lot of non-traditional assignments. BestEssays decided to keep up with this pace as well and began to offer a number of new services that many students will find interesting.
  • Mind/Concept Mapping: This is an assignment of the 21st century which helps students brainstorm new ideas as well as comprehend new topics and memorize subjects. Diagrams, graphs, and other images are actively used to build concept maps
  • Multimedia Projects: Students who want to support their topics with audio and video materials can now contact BestEssays and enjoy their professional help
  • Online Assignments include numerous webinars, labs, and discussion boards. Today, a lot of professors like to give online assignments as it is convenient and time-saving. With BestEssays there is no reason to worry about your online classes
  • Simulation Reports are now actively used in education because they help represent complex relations. They help create and test hypothesis which makes them so attractive for Science and Business students
In this post, our goal was to share our ideas about why we consider the companies mentioned above to be the best options for students who need an essay or thesis or dissertation to be written professionally and in a short period of time. These websites are our favorites. Some of them are famous for their outstanding writing quality ( and EssayClick). Several websites are very user-friendly and have a fantastic customer support, which is so valuable when you order things online (EssayDragon and WriteMyEssay4Me). There are websites that aim not only at writing for students but also providing them with valuable advice and interesting information (UKEssays and Pro-Essay-Writer). We are so much in love with such innovators as Samedayessays and Bestessays which offer 21st-century services.

We hope these reviews were helpful and you will make a smart decision choosing the best academic writing company. We know how challenging it can be to choose a good topic and create a perfect dissertation, which is why we recommend these sites. We wish you the best results and the highest grades. Good luck!

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